• Speaking topic: Decision-Making via Market Intelligence for Cannabis Companies


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  • Michelle Melton


    Michelle Melton is an integrated communications and marketing expert based in Brooklyn. Specifically, she is a B2C and B2B communications and marketing professional with experience spanning the worlds of fashion, retail, beauty, wellness, and hospitality. Her work often surrounds brands aiming to win the attention and loyalty of customers, and business owners growing exposure and building credibility for their brands. Her mission is to amplify a brand’s existing creativity into their PR strategy and overall press campaign messaging. Communications should be as distinct and definitive as the brands and thought leaders they represent. For over 13 years, she has applied this proactive approach to holistic collaborations with visionary fashion, lifestyle, and luxury brands, start-ups, and culture-first creative agencies. Taking a panoramic view of each partner’s mission and ambitions, she creates and executes targeted strategies that capture the cultural zeitgeist and include everything from integrated communications and PR strategy to influencer partnerships, experiential event and retail pop-up production, as well as creative ops management. Michelle develops and implements marketing and communication strategies for clients. As an Account Manager at NisonCo PR, she works with well-established business leaders in the cannabis, psychedelic, alternative medicine, and vegan/plant-based industries. Particularly, her values of social justice and creativity helped her find NisonCo, since her values align with the agency’s roots in grassroots cannabis political advocacy. Additionally, the agency works alongside an SEO team, which pairs with their top notch combined PR and SEO marketing strategies; this is a unique boutique PR strategy that not many others deploy. Prior to joining NisonCo, she was a communications and brand consultant for six years; in this role, she collaborated with a dozen brands regularly. Before becoming a consultant, she held Director of Communication titles spanning a combined six years at the culture-first creative agencies Alldayeveryday and Chandelier Creative.

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