• Speaking topic: Regulations of low-risk nicotine products & their relationship with smoking harm reduction


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  • Francisco Javier Ordoñez

    ASOVAPE Colombia & ARDT Iberoamérica

    Bachelor of Social Sciences from the Pedagogical University of Colombia with a Master's degree in Political Studies from the National University of Colombia. Social Sciences teacher for more than 20 years and accomplished activist for the Reduction of Harm of Smoking. He was a founding member of ASOVAPE Colombia, the first Latin American association of consumers of low-risk nicotine delivery products. He has been the promoter of the creation of other associations in Latin America, such as Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Panama and Costa Rica. He is a founding member of ARDT Iberoamerica and president of this organization. In 2021 he won the Best Defender of the Year award from the INNCO organization.

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