• Speaking topic: Spirituality, Health, and Well-being with Cannabis


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  • Desiree Pascale-Eckhouse

    Foundation for Human Kindness and Compassion

    An author, corporate and individual consultant, and holistic healer, Desiree’s acquired expertise in psychology and metaphysics are what led her to understand the spiritual and medicinal properties of cannabis and other sacred plants. She graduated with honors in Behavioral Health Science from Sydney University, and following her goal of turning knowledge into wisdom, she took all she learned and integrated it in mind, body and spirit. She’s a council member for the Western Hemisphere Tribal Government in Jamaica, and the President and co-founder of the Foundation for Human Kindness and Compassion. She’s dedicated to the promotion and maintenance of optimal health and wellness through holistic, natural and preventative treatments using medicinal plants. She works towards her goal of inspiring people to experience the magic of holistic heart-based optimum wellness practices!

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