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  • Dale Deutsch

    Stony Brook

    BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH NAME Deutsch, Dale George POSITION TITLE Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology EDUCATION/TRAINING University at Buffalo B.S. 05/65 Chemistry Purdue University Ph.D. 05/72 Biochemistry University of Colorado Postdoctoral 05/73 Enzymology University of Chicago Postdoctoral 12/76 Lipid Biochemistry A. Personal Statement For more than twenty years I have been funded by NIDA performing basic research on the mechanisms of how to raise endogenous anandamide levels. There were many milestones including identification of the enzyme (now called FAAH) that breaks anandamide down, identification of many first generation inhibitors of FAAH that raise ananadamide levels, the discoverery that the intracellular fatty acid binding proteins (FABPs) are anandmaide transporters (carriers) for delivery of anandamide to the endoplasmic reticulum inside the cell for breakdown. We developed novel FABP inhibitors that prevents anandamide degradation. These last three years we have developed an undergraduate course entitled:" BIO 231.30 Cannabis: History, Culture, Science and Medicinal Uses B. Positions and Employment 1981-1988 Assistant Professor of Pathology (Head of Toxicology) and Research 1988-2005 Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, 2005-2021 Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

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