• Speaking topic: Adult Use Delivery of Cannabis Products in the State of Massachusetts


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  • Casey Leaver

    Vicente Sederberg LLP

    Casey Leaver is the director of regulatory compliance at Vicente Sederberg LLP. In this role, she assists clients with understanding rules and regulations and provides guidance for establishing and operating a compliant marijuana business. She also regularly conducts on-site facility audits to ensure compliance with state regulations and prepare clients for pre-and post-licensure inspections. Acting as a liaison between clients and the Cannabis Control Commission, Casey is focused on the prevention of disciplinary action and maintaining a compliant marijuana establishment. She also assists licensees in navigating and preparing appropriate responses to notices of violations, deficiencies, and enforcement action. As her view of compliance and role are all-encompassing, Casey prepares clients for a compliant and efficient business from the outset, starting with application material review, input on facility layouts as well as development of policies and procedures, training and education materials. In addition, she conducts reviews of labels, packaging, advertising, marketing, social media posts and website design.

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