• Speaking topic: Transplanting your Job Into Cannabis


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  • Brett Puffenbarger

    The CannaBS Detector

    Bridging the Gap from Bong to Boardroom Hi, I'm Brett, and I'm a cannabis professional with experience across a broad range of the "green rush." I’m the Co-founder and CEO of Good Highdeas, a bespoke advisory and consulting company. Check us out at GoodHighdeas.net. The best-known offering from Good Highdeas is Project Mongoose, where we act as watchdogs and whistleblowers for some of the terrible things going down in the marijuana movement. You can submit a story or learn more on that at GrassAttractsSnakes.com or by finding the hashtag #grassattractssnakes floating around here on LinkedIn. This has put us in a unique situation to offer investor advocacy, due diligence, and vetting in a way you won’t find anywhere else. I’m acting as VP of Corporate Initiatives for a blockchain and cryptocurrency company called Multichain Ventures that is focused on bringing the cannabis industry into the 21st century and beyond. We have a few different projects going down in our metaverse (from track and trace through fintech, and everything in between) and you can find out more by visiting Multichain.Ventures. I'm the co-host for the CannaBS Detector Podcast with my fellow dropper of truth bombs Kristen Yoder. You can hear us ranting and raving about the unspoken truths of the cannabis industry anywhere you would normally listen to a podcast. We pull no punches. New episodes drop weekly.

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