• Speaking topic: Cannabis Banking and Licensing in New York


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  • Andy Sick

    Mr. Cannabis Law

    Mr. Cannabis Law is a full-service law firm focused exclusively on the marijuana, hemp, and psychedelic industries. We practice in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and throughout the United States. Andy Sick serves as Of Counsel to Mr. Cannabis Law and is also the Founding Partner of his own firm, Sick Legal. Andy is a skilled business and transactional attorney, with nearly fifteen years of experience advising startups, entrepreneurs, and established businesses. He assists clients through every stage of the business life cycle from incorporation and initial growth phases, to maturity with ongoing general counsel services, regulatory compliance, contracts, and critical commercial transactions. His extensive experience handling startups, regulatory matters, and business transactions coupled with his legal expertise in the cannabis and psychedelic fields, made Andy the ideal fit to lead Mr. Cannabis Law's expansion into the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut markets. Andy is deeply committed to the establishment and growth of cannabis and psychedelic industries. Through advocacy and support of such organizations as Decriminalize Nature and Native American churches, Andy works towards the decriminalization and legalization of entheogenic plants and fungi for religious and spiritual use.

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