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A cannabis business social network is a social network for cannabis business owners, newbies, and buyers to connect with consumers and other cannabis businesses. They were created due to mainstream scale networks ́restrictions on cannabis and the stigma associated with cannabis in some communities.

That’s why if you are part of the industry, you must know how they work for each sector.

How can Cannabis Business Social Networks Benefit Your Company?

Partnership Development

They can work as an additional avenue to develop partnerships with other cannabis companies and individual partners.

B2B Sales

It helps to sell products or services to other businesses in the industry.


They are a perfect place to build connections with other people in the industry and close deals.

News and Discussion

It is a spot to find curated industry news, blogs, and community discussions. It can be an opportunity to see what other industry members are doing to engage and grow their communities.


You can find the people you want for your business; already interested in the cannabis business. It can also be a great place to advertise job openings and to do polls to learn what a cannabis professional should bring to the table.

Who Can Use Cannabis Business Social Networks

The audiences that will find opportunities in such networks are:

  • Cultivators and manufacturers want to sell their services and products to distributors and dispensaries.
  • Cannabis businesses that want new products and services.
  • Distributors looking for new dispensaries, partners, and sponsors to work with.
  • Ancillary products and services providers that want to find new customers.
  • Anyone that wants to get into the industry.

How to Thrive in Cannabis Social Networks Platforms

Being part of a Cannabis Social Network is an excellent opportunity to market, analyze data and update your brand strategies.

One essential aspect of success in this platform is offering valuable content to users. Make sure you are not just throwing promotional content to consumers, and show them why your products and services are the best options for them.

Share educational content like explanatory videos about what you offer, curated and unique range, and trustworthy products that you can back up with reviews, for example.

Educating your audience and showing them your value will always be the best option to get new and recurring customers and attract potential business partners.

Use Hashtags and create a Hashtag Bank

Hashtags can be powerful. They categorize posts with concise labels that allow users to quickly find social media posts regarding a specific topic. When you use relevant hashtags for your content, you can reach large audiences and connect with the right people.

That’s why it is crucial that you always use hashtags in your social network content and create a curated hashtag bank that you can pull from when needed.

Build a Strong Social Media Community

To be successful in any business today, you need to have a social media presence. To do so, you must post regularly and look for the right people to follow.

You should constantly interact with the people you want to follow you back and use email and marketing strategies to reach the businesses and buyers you need to get. This enhances your brand and creates authority for your audience, which leads to trust and engagement through time.

5 Cannabis Social NetworksYou Should be Part Of


WeedLife is a new cannabis social network that has gained popularity very rapidly. It has a news feed that will keep you updated with the latest marijuana companies- You can also see what other users are hiring and communicate with them via chat groups.


Grasscity is one of the oldest cannabis internet networks. It started as a website for cannabis producers and, throughout the year, it has grown into a place that provides dedicated sites for discussing smoking, other ways of use, prohibition, where dispensaries are, and much, much more.

Bud Hubz

Bud Hubz is the cannabis world equivalent of foursquare. It allows you to meet new people within the industry, find excellent accommodation and search for head shops. It is free and straightforward to use and offers fantastic benefits for cannabis companies, like connecting with cannabis enthusiasts near you and using forums to teach about your brand and services.


Weedable is a smartphone-only app that allows you to build an online profile to connect with other cannabis enthusiasts. It provides news in the 420 culture and has a section to see different cannabis plants, edibles, and seeds.


LeafWire is an emerging social network for cannabis referred to as the Linkedin of the cannabusiness. It is a great place to find data, market info, plans, and news. It also gives out information about companies and their products.


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